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Animal Machines / Machine Animals

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Animal Machines / Machine Animals

2 and 3 November 2018
Organised by the ‘Life Geographies’ Group, University of Exeter. Held at the Phoenix Arts Venue, Exeter
To register for this meeting please click on this link.


Friday 2nd November


1:30-2:00         Registration. Tea and coffee on arrival for all attendees


2:00-2:10         Welcome and Introduction from Henry Buller (University of Exeter)


2:10-3:10         Plenary 1 – Clara Mancini (Open University)

‘Animals as Co-Designers of Machine Interactions’


3:10-4:10         Panel 1           

Felicity McWilliams (Kings College London)

‘Equine Machines: horses and tractors on British farms, 1920-1960’ 

Taija Kaarlenkaski (University of Eastern Finland)

‘Cows and Humans as Machine Users: Discourses of Milking Robots in Contemporary Finland’ 


4:10-4:30         Tea, Coffee, and Cake!


4:30-6:00         Panel 2

 Steve North (University of Exeter)

‘A Computational Anthrozoology Perspective on Horse-Machine Interaction: Explored Through the Umamimi Robotic Horse Ears’

Andrew Mitchell (Stockholm University)

‘Human-Canid Technologies: GPS and Sensing Beyond Species Boundaries’

 Dolly Jørgensen (University of Stavanger)

‘Resurrecting Species through Robotics: Animal Extinction and Deextinction in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?’


7:30 – late       Conference Meal, Herbies



Saturday 3rd November

9:00-10:00       Plenary 2 – Ed Ramsden  (Queen Mary, University of London)

‘Automatic Animals and their Misbehaviour: Exhibiting Nature and Behaviour at the Zoo’ 


10:00-10:30     Tea and Coffee 


10:30-12:00     Panel 3

Ryan Sweet (University of Plymouth)

‘Victorian Animal-Machines: Prostheticised Animals in Nineteenth-Century Print Culture’ 

Ivana Bičak (Durham University)

‘Experimental Machines and Animals in Early Modern Literature’ 

Antonella Sciancalepore (Universite Catholoque de Louvain)

‘Human, Animal and Technology: Multiple Hybridizations In Perceforest’ 


12:00-12:45     Lunch


12:45-1:45       Plenary 3 – Amelia DeFalco (University of Leeds)

‘Machine Animals/Animal Machines: Bodies that Matter in the Age of Robotics and Biotechnology’ 


1:45-2:00         Tea and Coffee


2:00-4:00         Panel 4

Emilia Czątkowska (University of Kent)

‘“U.R. Bandit.”Post-animal identity of the Animal Biorgs in We3 

Bianca Friedman (University of Pisa)

‘“That Dog Is Real”: Queer Identities in the New Wes Anderson’s Film Isle Of Dogs 

Edwin Evans-Thirlwell (Royal Holloway)

‘Gaming Creatures - the Posthuman Menageries Of Monster Hunter World’ 


4.00                 Close


Abstracts of papers and biographies of speakers can be found here.














download the poster for the meeting here