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This meeting will take place on 24 and 25 April 2020 in the Collins Building at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. To register for the meeting please click here. Please note: an early bird discount on registration is in place until 9 March 2020.





Friday 24 April


1.30 – Registration and tea / coffee


2.00 – Plenary 1: Dinesh Wadiwel (University of Sydney)

title tbc


3.00 – comfort break


3.05 – Panel 1: Farming and Slaughter


Orla Shortall (James Hutton Institute, Aberdeen) ‘Is Year-Round Housing of Dairy Cows a Form of Violence?’


Emily Morgan (Iowa State University) ‘Facing Animal Death at Scale: Envisioning Industrial Slaughter’


Sune Borkfelt (Aarhus University) ‘Staring Your Meal Square in the Eye: The Slaughterhouse as Gothic Space’


4.35 – tea / coffee


4.55 – Panel 2: Science / Fiction / Technology


Justyna Włodarczyk (University of Warsaw) ‘Beyond Bizarre: The Spectacular Failure of B.F. Skinner’s Pigeon-Guided Missiles’


Peter Sands (University of Sheffield) ‘Paranoid entanglements: control, communication and violence in the work of John C. Lilly’


Simon Ryle (University of Split) ‘Xenophatics: Symbiosis, Posthuman Biopoetics and the Human Security System’


6.25 – comfort break


6.30 – Susan Richardson (BASN Writer-in-Residence) 'Writing Violence'


7.20 end


7.45 – BASN Buffet, Saramago Bar, Glasgow Centre for Contemporary Arts



Saturday 25 April



9.30 – Plenary 2: Miranda Lowe (Natural History Museum, London)

title tbc


10.30 – tea / coffee


11.00 – Panel 3: Violent Analogies


Jesseka Batteau (Utrecht University) ‘Visibility of Violence and Historical Analogy: Multidirectional memory and the treatment of animals’


Thomas Aiello (Valdosta State University in Georgia) ‘Death to Pigs: Animals, Race, and the Semiotics of Material Culture in the United States’


Josh Milburn (University of Sheffield) ‘Should We Protect Animals from Hate Speech?’


12.30 – lunch


1.10 – Panel 4: Power and Representation


Kathryn Haley-Halinski (University of Cambridge) ‘“Ófleygr ok fjaðrlauss”: Plucked Hawks and the Personhood of Birds Of Prey in Old Norse-Icelandic Literature’

David Gould (University of Leeds) ‘Violence Between the Cuts: A Reassessment of the BBFC’s Stance on Animal Abuse in Films’

Danielle Sands (Royal Holloway, University of London) ‘“The Siren Song of Entomology”: Nostalgia, Violence and Sexual Politics in Contemporary Nature Writing’


2.40 – Concluding Remarks


2.50 - End

Abstracts and Biographies of Speakers can be found here