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The British Animal Studies Network

Having held ten meetings in central London between 2007 and 2009, with the support of the AHRC and Middlesex University, the network was re-launched with the financial support of the University of Strathclyde in May 2012. Under the leadership of Erica Fudge once again, it is hoped that the new home for BASN will welcome both old and new members to join the multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary conversations about humans and other animals.


To access details of the meetings click on the links below (held at the University of Strathclyde unless otherwise noted):


Wild (25-26 May 2012)

Farm (16-17 November 2012)

Looking (26-27 April 2013)

Winged Creatures (11-12 October 2013)

Feeling (25-26 April 2014) 

Smaller Than A Mouse (University of Exeter, 14-15 November 2014)

Tasting (15-16 May 2015)

Cold Blood(ed) (Cardiff University, 9-10 October 2015) 

Smelling (20-21 May 2016) 
Conserving (University of Sheffield, 18-19 November 2016)

Hearing (19-20 May 2017)

Working with Animals (University of Southampton, 6-7 October 2017) 

Sex (27-28 April 2018)

Animal Machines / Machine Animals (University of Exeter, 2-3 November 2018)

Emotion (26-27 April 2019)

Movements (University of Leeds, 22-23 November 2019)

Violence (24 and 25 April 2020)

Animal Borderlands (Keble College, Oxford, 25-26 September 2020)


Audio recordings of a number of the papers given at BASN meetings are available to download on the meeting pages (above).


It is hoped that these meetings, as with those held in London, will be attended by a range of people involved in animal studies and related areas. This might include scholars and postgraduates working within the field; scholars from outside of animal studies who are beginning to recognise the significance of studying the role, place and perception of animals; people from non-academic institutions – animal welfare charities, museums, NGOs who are working with and for animals, and artists who are representing and thinking about animals in their work.


The rationale for BASN is here


The constitution of BASN is here.


To receive further information about meetings, dates, cfps, etc. please follow us on twitter - @BasnTweets; or, if you prefer not to use twitter, please join the h-animal mailing list where we will continue to circulate information and news in emails.
All images on this website come from Special Collections in the Andersonian Library at the University of Strathclyde, and are reproduced with permission.





Sorry to announce, 'Violence' in April 2020 has been cancelled due to the current situation.

The cfp for 'Animal Borderlands' (Keble College, Oxford - 25 and 26 September) remains open. Details are here.

BASN is now on twitter on @BasnTweets - follow us there. Please join the h-animal mailing list to continue to receive information about us via email. 

Audio recording of some of the papers from 'Movements' are now available to listen to here.



‘as an ECR, the BASN is such a valuable network for beginning to build contacts, friendships, and networks that can then flourish at larger conferences!’

- Rich Gorman, Postdoc in Geography at the University of Exeter