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 7-9 September 2021 online (hosted by University of Birmingham)



Pre-recorded papers were shared in advance on the BASN Youtube channel, and the following discussion sessions, keynote lectures and poetry reading took place via Zoom. 


Tuesday 7th September

3:30-4:45 - Discussion Session 1 (papers)

Anja Höing (University of Osnabrück) ‘“I know this is a shock, but…” – Losing an Animal Companion in Contemporary Children’s Literature’

Apala Bhowmick (Emory University) ‘Zoocorpographies of Loss in The Stone Virgins (2002), Yvonne Vera’s Zimbabwean Novel 

Miranda Cichy (University of Glasgow) ‘At Last: The Endling in Extinction Narratives’ - to watch Miranda's paper click here

Sreyashi Ray (University of Minnesota) ‘“Where Have All the Dogs Gone?”: Language, Animality, and Spectrality in the Vernacular’

Monica Vasile (Maastricht University) ‘History of a Clone: Losing and Reviving the Przewalski’s Horse in the 20th Century’


4:45-5:00 - Break


5:00-6:00 - Keynote Lecture by Ursula K. Heise (UCLA)  - ''Zoöpolis: Urban Narrative and the Animal’



6:00-7:00 – Online Pub Session via Wonder.Me


Wednesday 8th September

3:30-4:00 - Discussion Session 2 (lightning talks)

Laura D. Gelfand (Utah State University) ‘Lost in Plain Sight: Whistler’s White Girl, a wolf in sheep’s clothing’

Caroline Harris (Royal Holloway, University of London) ‘Cut-out Bambi: A Presentation of Poetic Practice on the Cuteness and Erasure of Deer’ - to watch Caroline's paper click here, and for the audio description of her book here

Kris Hill (University of Exeter) ‘Furever Tattoos and Maintaining an Absent Presence’ - to watch Kris's paper click here

Angela Bartram (University of Derby) ‘Reflections in Anticipation of Loss’ - to watch Angela's paper click here


4:00-4:30 - Discussion Session 3 (lightning talks)

Eva Spiegelhofer (University of Vienna) ‘Rewilding Tales – Narratives of Hope and Loss’ - to watch Eva's paper click here

Alison Laurence (Stanford University) ‘Loving the Lost: On Dinosaurs and Anthropocene Extinctions’

Rosamund Portus (University of the West of England, Bristol) ‘An Ecological Whodunit: Examining Loss and Grievability in an Age of Extinction’

Joe Hardwick (University of Northumbria) ‘Cattle Plagues, Sermon Literature, and the Problem of Animals in Victorian Christian Thought’


4:30-4:45 - Break


4:45-5:45 - Discussion Session 4 (papers)

Jennifer E. Telesca (Pratt Institute) ‘Tuna En Masse: Necrograms and Representations of the Living Dead’

Jes Hooper (University of Exeter) ‘Wild-less Life: The Love and Loss of Wild Pets in Indonesia’s “Civet Lovers” Community’ - to watch Jes's paper click here

Anin Luo (Princeton University) ‘The Invention of a Veterinary History: Epizootic Science and International Policy between the World Wars’

Joshua Jones, Siobhan I. Speiran and Claudia Hirtenfelder (Queen’s University) ‘Displacement as Disappearance: Considering Ecology after Loss’


Break for dinner


7:00-8:00 - Poetry Reading by Pascale Petit and Luke Thompson


Thursday 9th September

2:30-3:45 - Discussion Session 5 (papers)

Ankit Kawade (Jawaharlal Nehru University) ‘Stigma and Silence: The Social Consequences of the Extinction of Vultures in India’ - to watch Ankit's paper click here

Adam Searle (University of Cambridge) ‘Contesting Biotic Loss, Biotechnological Promise, and Recovering Memory’ - to watch Adam's paper click here

Matthew Carter (University of Nottingham) ‘The Beast of a Lost Age: Progress, Romanticism and the Red Deer in British Popular Natural History, 1775-1860’

Hannah Hunter (Queen’s University) ‘Sounding Ivory-billed Woodpeckers Back to Life: Listening to historical bird sound recordings in an age of extinction’

Catherine Oliver (University of Cambridge) ‘A Badger, a Tree, and a Geographer Walk into a City: More-than-Human Precarity and Loss in Birmingham’ - to watch Catherine's paper click here


3:45-4:00 - Break


4:00-5:00 - Keynote Lecture by Erika L. Milam (Princeton University)

5:00-6:00 – Online Pub Session via Wonder.Me 

Speaker biographies and paper abstracts can be found here