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The BASN ‘Constitution’



  • vegetarian food is served throughout (we don’t eat the subject);
  • only single sessions (i.e. no 2 papers are given at the same time in different rooms).This means fewer papers, inevitably, but is good for keeping everyone together and so developing conversations;
  • time-keeping in sessions is strict to ensure that there is plenty of time for tea / coffee / lunch (the most important part of most conferences, whether we like it or not);
  • each meeting will include speakers from as wide a range of disciplines as possible, and from inside and outside of academia where possible;
  • each meeting will include speakers from all career stages where possible;
  • the meeting includes a vegetarian evening buffet / supper that is affordable so that everyone who wants to is able to come along;
  • with agreement from speakers, audio recordings of papers are uploaded onto the website after the meeting for wider dissemination.