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This meeting was held on 26 and 27 April 2019 at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow


Friday 26 April

2.00-2.30 – Registration


2.30-3.30 – Plenary 1: Marie Haskell (Scotland’s Rural College)

‘Studying emotions in domestic animals: why and how’ (to listen to this paper click here)


3.40-4.40 – panel 1: Emotional Contagion


Sara Owczarczak-Garstecka (University of Liverpool)

‘“They can Sense that You’re Worried, so Something could Happen”: Managing Emotions to Stay Safe Around Dogs’ (to listen to this paper click here)


Tim Baker (University of Aberdeen)

‘Animal Joy: Children’s Animal Fiction and Love of the World’ (to listen to this paper click here)


4.40-5.10 – coffee


5.10-6.40 – panel 2: Attunement


Megan Donald (University of Glasgow)

‘How to Work with Infinite Bodies: The Emotional Geographies of Diagnosis in Small Animal Hospital’ (to listen to this paper click here)


Maisie Tomlinson (University of Manchester)

‘Mowgli’s Melancholia: The Exemplary Role of “Prey Animal” Emotions in an Equine-Assisted Personal Development Site’ (to listen to this paper click here)


Harriet Smith, Mara Miele, Nickie Charles and Rebekah Fox (Cardiff University and University of Warwick)

Fun? How to Become-With a Police Dog (Handler)’ (to listen to this paper click here)


6.40-6.50 – comfort break


6.50-7.30 – Susan Richardson (BASN Poet-in-Residence, and shortlisted for the 2018 Ted Hughes Award for Words the Turtle Taught Me)

‘“Viewing their lives through a glass-bottomed heart”’ [to listen to Susan's specially commissioned poem 'Skinny' click here]


8.00 - BASN Buffet, Saramago Bar, Centre for Contemporary Arts, Sauchiehall Street


Saturday 27 April


9.00-10.00 – plenary 2: Anat Pick (Queen Mary University of London)

'Insects and Melodrama' (to listen to this paper click here)


10.00-10.30 – coffee


10.30-12.00 panel 3: The Sciences of Animal Emotions


Will Abberley (University of Sussex)

‘Sympathizing with Animals in Edwardian Nature Photography: Douglas English’s Wee Tim’rous Beasties’ (to listen to this paper click here)


Amy Nelson (Virginia Tech)

‘Ties that Bind: Dogs and Humans in the Soviet Space Program’ (to listen to this paper click here)


Mariam Motamedi Fraser (Goldsmith’s, University of London)

‘Challenging Reason? The Passions and Passivity of Animals’ (to listen to this paper click here)


12.00-12.45 lunch


12.45-2.15 – panel 4: Feeling Death / Dead Feeling


Louise Logan (University of Strathclyde)

‘Drawing Species Lines: The Role of Empathy in Illustrations of Vivisection in the Illustrated Police News’ (to listen to this paper click here)


Kerstin Weich (Messerli Research Institute)

‘On the Emotional Design and Interior Architecture of Putting Down’


Eimear McLoughlin (University of Exeter)

‘Knowing Cows: Transformative Mobilizations of Human and Non-Human Bodies in an Emotionography of the Slaughterhouse’ (to listen to this paper click here)


2.15-2.45 – coffee


2.45-3.45 – panel 5: Sensitivities 


Nicole Mennell (Birkbeck/University of Sussex) 

‘The Emotional Bond of Love (or Obedience) Between Early Modern Falconers and their Raptors' (to listen to this paper click here)


Aline Vogt (University of Basel)

‘Animals, Gender and Feelings in Late-Eighteenth-Century France’ (to listen to this paper click here)


3.45 End




Abstracts of papers and biographies of the speakers can be found here.









‘You know you went to a good conference when on your way back you interpret 3 cancelled and one delayed trains as ‘more time to think things through’. This glass is half full today, for sure! Thank you BASN!

Sara Owczarczak-Garstecka, Liverpool University