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Cold Blood(ed)

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Cold Blood(ed): Enquiries into the Oddly Unloved


This meeting of the British Animal Studies Network, organised by Dr Mara Miele and Mr John Clayton (Cardiff University), took place in Committee Rooms 1 and 2 in the Glamorgan Building, University of Cardiff on Friday 9 and Saturday 10 October 2015.  




Friday 9 Oct


12.00-12.45 - Welcome & Registration – tea, coffee & refreshments available


12.45-1.00 - Introduction by Mara Miele


1.00-1.55 - Plenary 1: Chair Erica Fudge (University of Strathclyde)


Stephen Eisenman (Northwestern University)“’Furthering research’ – Laboratory Science in Cold Blood” [to listen to the paper click here]


2.00-3.00 - Panel 1: Chair Chris Bear (Cardiff University)


Henry Buller (Exeter University), ‘Wolf Kill’ here [to listen to the paper click here]


Kathryn Halliday (York St John University), 'Blood Cities: Animal Victims in Maddaddam and Zoocity' [to listen to the paper click here]


3.00-3.30 - Coffee break – refreshments in committee rooms


3.30-5.00 – Panel 2: Chair John Clayton (Cardiff University)


Beth Greenhough (University of Oxford) and Emma Roe (University of Southampton),Caring in Cold-blood: Sensing and responding to the needs of aquatic species in the laboratory’ [to listen to the paper click here]


Nadia Farage (University of Campinas),“Blood calls blood”: naturist theses on pacifism and vegetarianism [to listen to the paper click here]


Colin Salter (University of Wollongong), ‘(Re)inscribing animality in cultural others’ [to listen to the paper click here]


5.00-5.15  Closing Remarks: Mara Miele (Cardiff University)


Saturday 10 Oct


10.00–10.30 - Welcome, tea, coffee & refreshments provided

10.30–11.25 – Plenary 3: Chair Johnathan Prior (Cardiff University)

Emily Brady (University of Edinburgh), ‘Herpetological Beauty’ [to listen to the paper click here]

11.30-12.30 - Panel 3: Chair Beth Greenhough (Oxford University) 

Sarah Wade (University College London), ‘Sharks and Humanity at The Oceanographic Museum of Monaco’ [to listen to the paper click here]


Richard Gorman (Cardiff University),’Cold-Blooded Animals in Therapeutic Spaces: Affective Encounters with Unfamiliar Species’ [to listen to the paper click here]

12.30-1.30 - Lunch (provided)

1.30-2.30 - Panel 4: Chair  Emma Roe (Southampton University)


Rodolfo Piskorski da Silva (Cardiff University), ‘Heidegger’s Lizard, or the As-Such of the Sun’ [to listen to the paper click here]

Fiona MacDonald (Artist), ‘Ant-ic Actions – an experiential exploration of the ethics of co-production’ [to listen to the paper click here] 
2.30-3.00 - Coffee break

3.00-4.00 - Panel 5: Chair  Henry Buller (Exeter University)


Bonita Alice (Artist),Psychopathy aside, perhaps cold-bloodedness is a condition we enter into out of need’. [to listen to this paper click here]


Susan Richardson (Poet),Writing in Cold Blood: Thirty ways of looking at the sea’ [to listen to the paper click here]

4.00 close 

Abstracts and biogs of speakers can be found here.