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Living Bibliography of Animal Studies

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The Living Bibliography of Animal Studies


We are delighted to announce the launch of a new online resource.


The Living Bibliography of Animal Studies (LBAS) is more than a bibliography, it is also a place where we hope everyone interested and involved in animal studies might see how texts and ideas are circulating in what is an essentially interdisciplinary field, and might contribute their own ideas. The website launches with bibliographies and comments from  a number of key scholars in the field, and we hope that it will grow over time to represent not only the range of critical materials in circulation in various disciplines. We hope too that the comments offered on materials will also build into a useful resource in and of themselves.

Initial bibliographies and comments come from:
Susan McHugh
Contemporary lit
Tom Tyler
Abigail Woods
Veterinary History
Lourdes Orozco
Theatre Studies
Rhoda Wilkie
Claire Molloy
Media Studies
Clare Palmer
Analytic Ethics
Brett Buchanan
Continental Philosophy
Monica Mattfeld
Eighteenth-Century Studies
Erica Fudge
John Miller
Victorian Studies
Susan Crane
Medieval Studies
Fiona Probyn-Rapsey
Gender Studies
Susan Curry
Classical Studies
David Clough
Religious Studies and Theology
Annie Potts
Cultural studies
Robert Garner
Bruce Boehrer
Renaissance Studies
Henry Buller
Animal Geography
Diana Donald
Art History
Steve Baker
Contemporary art
Garry Marvin

To access and contribute to LBAS please click here.





Thanks to David Sams, HaSS IT, University of Strathclyde for constructing the site.