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Farm: Glasgow, November 2012

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This, the second meeting of BASN in Glasgow, took place on Friday 16 November and Saturday 17 November 2012 in the Collins Building at the University of Strathclyde
The Programme
Friday 16 November 2012
2.30-3.00 Registration and tea/coffee
3.00-3.10 Erica Fudge (University of Strathclyde), 'Welcome' [to listen to the welcome click here]
3.10-4.30 Plenary 1 (Chair: Erica Fudge)
Henry Buller (Exeter University), ‘The One and the Many: Interkingdoms, (un)Natural Participations and the Farm’ [to listen to the paper click here]
4.30-5.00 Tea/coffee                                                                 
5.00-6.30 Panel 1: Agriculture and Animal Health. Chair: Andrew Gardiner (Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Edinburgh)
Richard Thomas (Leicester University), '“How you ought to keep your beasts….”: livestock healthcare and welfare in archaeological perspective' [to listen to the paper click here]    
Abigail Woods (Imperial College London), ‘Dairy farming, veterinary science and the bovine mastitis problem in Britain, 1930-2010’ [to listen to the paper click here]
Angela Cassidy (Imperial College London), 'Representations and risks of humans and other animals in the One Health movement(s)' [to listen to the paper click here]
7.00 - Civic Reception at the City Chambers, George Square to be followed, at 8pm, by the BASN Buffet at The 13th Note on King Street.
Saturday 17 November 2012
9.30-10.15 Plenary 2 (Chair: Erica Fudge)
Rhoda Wilkie (Aberdeen University), ‘Working with Food Animals: Ambiguous Encounters and Neglected Labour at the Byre-Face’ [to listen to the paper click here]
10.20-11.20 Panel 2: Reconsidering the Farm Animal. Chair: Clare Palmer (Texas A&M University)
Emma Roe (University of Southampton) ‘The farm animal as a visceral “object”’ [to listen to the paper click here]
Roxanna Lynch (Swansea University), 'Caring for Farm Animals?' [to listen to the paper click here]
11.20-11.45 Tea/coffee
11.45-12.45 Panel 3: Critical Perspectives on Human-Animal-Technology Relations. Chair Chris Bear (Cardiff University)
Chris Bear (Cardiff University), Lewis Holloway (Hull University) and Katy Wilkinson (University of Warwick), ‘Robotic milking technologies and the renegotiation of situated ethical relationships on UK dairy farms’ [to listen to the paper click here]
Richard Twine (Lancaster University), 'Animals on Drugs – Understanding the role of pharmaceutical companies in the animal-industrial complex' [to listen to the paper click here]
12.45-1.45 Lunch                                                                              
1.45-2.45 Panel 4 Re-conceptualising Farming. Chair: Robert McKay (Sheffield University)
John Miller (Sheffield University), ‘In Vitro Meat and Environmental Aesthetics’ [to listen to the paper click here]
Kim Baker ‘Picturing Pigs, Depicting Pigmen: how pig industry advertising strategies reveal the unseen idioms of farm animal production’ [to listen to the paper click here]
2.45-3.15 Tea/coffee                                                                                
3.15-4.00 Plenary 3 (Chair: Erica Fudge)
Mara Miele (Cardiff University) 'A Version of Emotions: The Brave Sheep' [to listen to the paper click here]
4.00-4.45 Discussion 
4.45 Close
To download abstracts and biogs of speakers and panel chairs click here.                                            



Praise for Farm

'... superb conference. I found it a thoroughly successful and mind expanding couple of days.‘
    Fiona Russell, Glasgow University, Dumfries Campus
'... I thoroughly enjoyed the meeting - easily the most interesting/useful event like this I've been to for quite a while.'
    Chris Bear, Cardiff University