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Animal Borderlands

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‘Animal Borderlands’



Because of the current situation, this meeting comprised three online sessions held on three separate days in September / October 2020

This meeting is organised under the auspices of the Animal Research Nexus (AnNex) on behalf of the British Animal Studies Network, with thanks to Keble College, Oxford

Papers were pre-recorded and shared with participants in advance of the sessions. The online sessions involved speakers giving a brief introduction to their paper followed by general discussion structured around participant questions submitted in advance. Thanks to those speakers who have given permission for their pre-recorded videos to be uploaded here.


Friday 18 September 2020 

Session 1: Living in the Borderlands      Chair: Beth Greenhough

3.00-3.05 – Chair’s introduction

3.05-3.25 – Alistair Anderson (University of Nottingham) ‘Navigating the Borderlands of Human and Companion Animal Healthcare in the Context of Antibiotic Stewardship’ (to watch this paper click here)

3.25-3.45 – Seth Gustafson (University College London) – ‘Fishers and eels:  oral history, disappearing livelihoods, and endangered species in an age of extinction’

3.45-4.05 – Erica von Essen (University of Oslo) – ‘Pig Non Grata: Understanding Biopower, Necropolitics and Securitization of Nature through the ‘War on Boars’

4.05-4.20 – Break

4.20-4.40 – Katherine Kanne (Northwestern University) – ‘Riding is a borderland’ (to watch this paper click here)

4.40-5.00 –Jaxon Waterhouse and Chantelle Mitchell (writers and artists based in Australia) – ‘Present Absence or Absent Presence: the allegory of the Night Parrot’ (to watch this paper click here)

5.00 – End

Friday 25 September 2020  3-5PM BST

Session 2: Narrating, negotiating and performing border crossings     Chair: Reuben Message

3.00-3.05 – Chair’s introduction

3.05-3.50 – Plenary 1: Raf de Bont (University of Maastricht) – ‘Moving/Being Moved: Wildlife, Humans & Globalization’

3.50-4.00 – Break

4.00-4.20 – Anna Guasco (University of Cambridge) – ‘Terraqueous Border-‘lands’: Grey Whale Migration Along the North American Pacific Coast’

4.20-4.40 – Thomas Spencer (University of Birmingham) – ‘White Feathers on the Golden River: gyrfalcon trade and hunting diplomacies in Manchurian borderlands at the turn of the twelfth century’

4.40-5.00 – Bronwen Buckeridge (Falmouth University) – ‘Widowhood: interruptive wildness and unruly domesticity in pigeon racing systems’

5.00 – End  

Friday 2 October 2020  3-5PM BST

Session 3: The human-animal interface       Chair: Alexandra Palmer

3.00-3.05 – Chair’s introduction

3.05-3.50 – Plenary 2: Marcus Coates (Visual artist) – ‘Where are the Animals?’

3.50-4.00 – Break

4.00-4.20 – Ben Farrar (University of Cambridge) – ‘Statistical smokescreens and storytelling: What can scientists tell us about the mental lives of animals?’ (to watch this paper click here)

4.20-4.40 – Karen Jones (University of Kent) – ‘Science Communication and the Call of the Wild: Wolf Howls and the Sonic Boundaries of Conservation in Algonquin Provincial Park’

4.40-5.00 – Anindya Sinha (National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore) – ‘Reaching Out: Interspecies Communication in a Synurbising Forest of Southern India’ (to watch this paper click here)

5.00 – End



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Abstracts and biographies for all speakers can be found here