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This meeting of BASN took place on Friday 15 and Saturday 16 May 2015 in the McCance Building at the University of Strathclyde in central Glasgow




Friday 15 May

2.30-3.00 – registration / coffee


3.00-3.10 – Introduction: Erica Fudge (University of Strathclyde)


3.10-4.10 – Plenary 1: Chair Erica Fudge (University of Strathclyde)


Guy Cook (King’s College London), '"I still do love the taste": the language of beliefs about eating animals' [to listen to the paper click here]


4.10-4.40 – coffee/tea - sponsored by Oxford University Press


4.40-6.30 – Panel 1: Bird Taste


Hollis Taylor (University of Technology, Sydney), ‘Avian Aesthetics in the Antipodes: A Taste for the Beautiful'


Bel Deering (RSPCA), ‘”A Seagull Just Stole My Doughnut”: Or Humans Versus Herring Gulls in The Fight for Food’ [to listen to the paper click here]


Kate Whiston (Nottingham University), ‘Whatever Takes Your Fancy: Aesthetics and Taste in Pigeon Fancying in the Late Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries’ [to listen to the paper click here]


7.00 – BASN Buffet, 13th Note, King’s Street, Glasgow



Saturday 16 May


9.30-10.30 – Plenary 2: Chair Erica Fudge (University of Strathclyde)


Brett Mizelle (California State University Long Beach), ‘The Cultural Work of “Bacon Mania” and Transformations in the Making of Pigs and Pork in America’ [to listen to the paper click here]


10.30-11.00 – coffee/tea



11.00 – 12.30 – Panel 2: Eating


Gabriela Leddy (University of York), ‘Milk, Bread, and Blood: A Witch’s Balanced Diet for Familiars in Early Modern England’ [to listen to the paper click here]

Michelle Bastian (Edinburgh University), ‘Developing a Taste for Leatherback’ [to listen to the paper click here]

Victoria De Rijke (Middlesex University), ‘Synaesthetic Taste Metaphor in Ratatouille’ [to listen to the paper click here]


12.30-1.15 – lunch (more eating)
1.15-2.45 – Panel 3: Feeding

Chrissie Wanner (Edinburgh University), ‘Feeding and (In-)Breeding: “Tasteful” Solutions to Inheritable Health Problems in Pedigree Dogs?’ [to listen to the paper click here]

Eliza Marków (Institute of English Studies, University of Warsaw), ‘Animals eating out of our hands as seen on You Tube’ [to listen to the paper click here]

Eva Giraud (Keele University), ‘Transformative Tasting? Messy Experiments in Performative Food Activism’ [to listen to the paper click here]

2.45-3.15 – Conclusions


3.15 – close

Abstracts and brief biogs of speakers can be found here.  







Praise for Tasting

BASN … genuinely produces new debate across discipline and methodological boundaries via creative and innovative approaches. BASN's verve and flexibility is changing the way we think about animals and the way we do things as scholars.”

Victoria de Rijke, Middlesex University


“a much-needed opportunity to meet with researchers working in other fields, and to connect with people outside academia.”

Chrissie Wanner, PhD Student, Edinburgh University