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6-7 May 2022

This meeting took place in the McCance Building Lecture Theatre MC301 at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. 


Friday 6 May

1.30 -2.00 Registration / coffee

2.00-2.10 Welcome Erica Fudge (Strathclyde)

2.10-3.10 Plenary 1

Kim Stallwood ‘The Martin Bicentenary: An opportunity to look back and imagine the future’ 

to listen to the introduction and Kim Stallwood's paper click here

3.15-4.15 Panel 1: Imagining Care

Christie Oliver-Hobley (Sheffield) ‘Scaring and Caring: Empathy, Invertebrates and Adam Marek’s “The Centipede’s Wife”’ 

Charles Pigott (Strathclyde) ‘Canine Care in Contemporary Maya Poetry’

to listen to Christie Oliver-Hobley's paper click here

4.15-4.35 Coffee

4.35-6.05 Panel 2: Theories of Care

Virginia Thomas (Exeter) ‘Do(n’t) Feed the Animals: Mixed Messages and the Multiple Meanings of “Care” in Human Feeding of Other Animals’

Laura-Jane Sheridan (Animal Free Research UK) ‘How Compassion Fatigue Impacts Animal Welfare Professionals’

Tone Druglitrø and Kristin Asdal (Oslo) ‘Interested Methods and “Care Studies and After”’ 

to listen to this panel click here 

6.05-6.30 Coffee

6.30-7.30 Susan Richardson (BASN Poet in Residence) – title TBC

8.00-late BASN Buffet at Saramago Bar, Institute of Contemporary Art, Glasgow.  

Saturday 7 May

9.30-10.30 Plenary 2

David Clough (Aberdeen) ‘A Christian Approach to the Ethics of Farmed Animal Welfare’

to listen to David Clough's paper click here

10.30-10.50 Coffee

10.50-12.50 Panel 2: Birds

Duncan Frost (Society for Renaissance Studies) ‘Surpassing Nature: The Musical Training of Songbirds in Early Modern England’

Michael Guida (Sussex) ‘The Contradictions of the Cage: Song-Birds in London Homes, 1850-1914’

Sean Nixon (Essex) ‘Mothering Birds: Elite Men and Practices of Care within Human/Avian Relations’

Herre de Bondt (Roehampton) ‘Ca(te)ring for the Garden Guests: The Specificities of Inter- and Intraspecies Care in Urban Bird Feeding Practices’ 

to listen to this panel click here

12.50-1.20 Lunch

1.20-2.20 Plenary 3

Beth Greenhough (Keble College, Oxford) 'Contested, Conflicted, Compromised and Care-full: The Care-Harm Nexus in Animal Research'

to listen to Beth Greenhough's paper click here

2.20-2.30 Comfort break

2.30-3.30 Panel 3: Dogs

Birkan Taş (Kassel) ‘Interspecies Care: Assistance Dogs as Care-Givers’

Natalia Ciecierska-Holmes (Nottingham) ‘Examining the Role of Ethics and Social Relations in Feeding Raw Meat-Based Diets to Dogs’ 

to listen to this panel click here



British Animal Studies Network ‘Care’ Online

These three online sessions were held in the lead up to the in person BASN meeting ‘Care’ on 6 and 7 May 2022. 


Friday 18 March, 1400-16.00 GMT – Care and Aesthetics 

Natalie Lis (University of Queensland) – Caring for Penguins in View: A Brief History of how Care Shaped the Development of the Penguinarium

Amy Dover (Newcastle University) – How Images of Non-human Animals Influence our Need to Care

Bentley Crudgington (Manchester University) – A Slow Ritual of Care

You can watch these papers here


Friday 29 April 14.00-16.00 BST – Care and Wild Animals

Monica Vasile (Maastricht University) – Unlikely Technologies of Care: Dart Guns, Hand Puppets, and Locked Feeding Stations to the Rescue of Nearly Extinct Species

Emilie Crossley (Hokkaido University) – Feeding Foxes: Care, Commodification and Conflict in Japan’s Wildlife Tourism Industry

You can watch these two papers here

Laura Gelfand (Utah State) - Driven to tears: interrogating care within the context of animal studies

You can watch this paper here 


Wednesday 4 May, 14.00-16.00 GMT – Care for and with Horses

Alex Franklin (Coventry University) and Nora Schuurman (University of Turku) – Practicing a Response-able Ethic of Interspecies Care: Trying to Become With Well, in Support of Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation

Rebecca Smith (Liverpool University) – What is best for the Horse? Examining the Construction of Veterinary Care for an Older Horse

Charlotte Brigden (University Centre Myerscough) – Narratives of Equine Care: The use of I Poems to Hear the Voices of Equine Caregivers at the end of Life

Sesi Ma (Kyoto University) – Caring as a Friend: Learnings from an Interspecies Community in Tamba, Japan

You can watch these four papers here

Abstracts and author bios for the online sessions can be found here