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Looking: Glasgow, April 2013

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This meeting of BASN took place on Friday 26 April and Saturday 27 April 2013 in the McCance Building, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.

The Programme


Friday 26 April 2013

2.30-3.00 Registration and tea and coffee


3.00-3.15 Welcome and Introduction. Erica Fudge (University of Strathclyde)


3.15-4.30 Plenary 1 (Chair: Erica Fudge)


Vinciane Despret (Université de Liège),' Domesticating Wild Animals: The Case of Arabian Babblers' [click here to listen to the paper]


4.30-5.00 tea/coffee - sponsored by Penn State University Press, and the series 'Animalibus'


5.00-6.00 Panel 1: Aesthetics and Animals. Chair: Steve Baker (emeritus University of Central Lancashire)


Amelie Bjorck (Lund University), 'Primate Portraits: Anthropocentric Versus Negative Mimesis' [click here to listen to the paper]


Alastair Hunt (Portland State University), 'The Law of Wild Surmise' [click here to listen to the paper]


6.15-7.30 Musical Interlude with Drinks: Introduced by Madeleine Rooney (University of Strathclyde)


Chris T-T: Animal Songs and Stories


7.45 BASN Buffet at the 13th Note on King Street.


Saturday 27 April 2013


9.30-10.45 Plenary 2 (Chair: Erica Fudge)


Sarah Franklin (Cambridge University), Watching Sheep with Sheepwatchers 


10.45-11.15  tea/coffee - sponsored by Columbia University Press


11.15-12.15 Panel 2: Spectacle and Spectatorship. Chair: Tom Tyler (Oxford Brookes University)


David Wilson (Leicester University), '“Samson Making Sport for the Philistines”: 'Wild Nature' in the Music Hall and Circus' [click here to listen to the paper]


Lourdes Orozco (Leeds University), 'There and Not There: Looking at Animals in Contemporary Performance' [click here to listen to the paper]


12.15-1.15 lunch


1.15-2.45 Panel 3: Seeing Difficulties. Chair: Franklin Ginn (Edinburgh University)


Karen Lykke Syse (University of Oslo), 'Getting Close: The Sensory Experience of Deer Stalking' [click here to listen to the paper]

Dominic Duckett (James Hutton Institute, Aberdeen), 'Ubiquitous computing and its implications for livestock disease control' [click here to listen to the paper]


Isla Forsyth (University of Nottingham), 'Observing the Obscure' [click here to listen to the paper]


2.45-3.15 tea/coffee


3.15-4.15 Panel 4: Re-viewing. Chair: Anat Pick (Queen Mary, University of London)


Nola Semczyszyn (Franklin and Marshall College, PA), 'Looking Both Ways: How Visual Acts Alter What it Means to See Animals' [click here to listen to the paper]


Brett Mills (University of East Anglia), 'Towards a Theory of Documentary Representation for Animals' [sadly Brett was unable to attend because of illness, so his paper was not given]

4.15-4.30 Discussion

4.30 Close 


4.15-4.30 Discussion


4.30        Close


Biographies of speakers and chairs, and

abstracts of papers can be found here.





Praise for Looking 

 “… immensely stimulating in bringing together people working in many different subject areas and disciplines, including an all-too-rare bridge between the sciences and humanities.”

Diana Donald, emerita Manchester Metropolitan University




"It was grand, to get to Glasgow and be reminded of the wonderful precise and committed thinking in the field."

Kate Foster, artist