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18 and 19 November 2016


This meeting of the BASN was organised by Alasdair Cochrane, Robert McKay and John Miller and hosted by The Sheffield Animals Research Colloquium and was held at the Humanities Research Institute of the University Of Sheffield




Friday 18 November

 12.00-1.00: Registration and Coffee


 1.00-2.00: Introduction and Keynote 1

 Helen Tiffin (University Of Wollongong)

Conservation and Animal Welfare (to listen to the paper click here)


 2.00-2.15: Comfort Break


 2.15-3.45: Panel 1: Urban Conservation       

 Samantha Hurn (University of Exeter)

Street Dog Conservation (to listen to the paper click here)

        Beth Savage (Practicing Artist)

Sites of Encounter: The Zoo As Gallery and Other Curated Spaces Of Conservation (to listen to the paper click here)

        Cara Clancy (Plymouth University)

Life in The Urban Wilds: The Culture and Politics Of ‘Rewilding’ (In) The Anthropocene (to listen to the paper click here)


3.45-4.15: Coffee Break


4.15-5.45: Panel 2: Conserving as Medium and Memory

  Alan Ross (Humboldt University, Berlin)

The Body as a Medium: Conservation Techniques and Visual Culture, 1660-1840 (to listen to the paper click here)

        Sally McIntyre (Practicing Artist)

How To Explain Radio To A Dead Huia: Listening Memorials To The Sounds and Silences of Extinct New Zealand Birds 

         Krithika Srinivasan (University of Edinburgh)

            Saving Wildlife in the Age of Sustainability  (to listen to the paper click here)       


5.45-6.00: Comfort Break


6.00-7.30: Panel 3 Problematics of Conserving

   Angela Cassidy (University of Exeter)

 “They Can Easily Protect Themselves, You See...” Conflicting Logics of Care in The UK Badger Culling Debate (to listen to the paper click here)

         Anja Höing (University of Osnabrück)

Conserving the Idea of the Animal: Representations of Conservation in British Animal Stories (to listen to the paper click here)

         Greg Mcelwain (The College of Idaho)

Conserving Whom or What? Midgley and The Problem of the Species and the Individual (to listen to the paper click here)


7.30 Buffet Dinner


 Saturday 19 November


9.30-10.30: Keynote 2

      David Farrier (University of Edinburgh) 

Animal Detectives and Anthropocene Noir in Chloe Hooper's A Child's Book of True Crime (to listen to the paper click here)


10.30-10.45 Comfort Break


10.45-11.45: Panel 4: Inner Mongolia and Outer Hebrides

        Thomas White (University of Cambridge)

Camels, Pastoralists and The State: The Politics of Conservation In Northern China (to listen to the paper click here)

        Pippa Marland (University Of Worcester)

'A great altar-cairn of [...] corpses': A Reading of The 'Guga Hunt' In Robert Macfarlane's The Old Ways (to listen to the paper click here)


11.45-12.00: Comfort Break


12.00-13.00: Panel 5: Critical Stories and Histories of Conservation

         Violette Pouillard (University of Oxford)

Appropriation As Conservation. Practices of Wildlife Management In The Belgian Congo, British Kenya and Uganda (1900-C. 1963) 

         Wendy Woodward (University of The Western Cape)

Marah and Sekhmet: Two Lionesses, Two Conservation Idols (to listen to the paper click here)


13.00-14.00: Lunch


14.00-15.15: Keynote 3

         Rosaleen Duffy (University of Sheffield)

'Securing' Conservation (to listen to the paper click here)


15.00 Close


Abstracts of papers can be downloaded here