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This series of online events

took place across March, April and May 2021.



Event 1: Dinesh Wadiwel in conversation 11.00am-1.00pm GMT on Friday 19 March 2021 


Discussion: animals and violence with Dinesh Wadiwel (University of Sydney) and Eva Haifa Giraud (Keele University)


A recording of this conversation can be watched here.




Event 2: Farming and Slaughter 2.00-4.00 BST on Friday 16 April 2021


Orla Shortall (James Hutton Institute, Aberdeen) ‘Is Year-Round Housing of Dairy Cows a Form of Violence?’


Emily Morgan (Iowa State University) ‘“You are Walking Through Blood”: Routine and Rupture in the Packinghouse’


Sune Borkfelt (Aarhus University) ‘Staring Your Meal Square in the Eye: The Slaughterhouse as Gothic Space’

A recording of these talks can be found here 


Event 3: Violent Analogies 2.00-4.00 BST on Friday 23 April 2021


Jesseka Batteau (Utrecht University) ‘Visibility of Violence and Historical Analogy: Multidirectional memory and the treatment of animals’


Thomas Aiello (Valdosta State University in Georgia) ‘Death to Pigs: Animals, Race, and the Semiotics of Material Culture in the United States’


Josh Milburn (University of Sheffield) ‘Should We Protect Animals from Hate Speech?’


A recording of these talks can be found here 



Event 4: Power and Representation 2.00-4.00 BST on Friday 30 April 2021


Kathryn Haley-Halinski (University of Cambridge) ‘“Ófleygr ok fjaðrlauss”: Plucked Hawks and the Personhood of Birds Of Prey in Old Norse-Icelandic Literature’

David Gould (University of Leeds) ‘Violence Between the Cuts: A Reassessment of the BBFC’s Stance on Animal Abuse in Films’

Danielle Sands (Royal Holloway, University of London) ‘“The Siren Song of Entomology”: Nostalgia, Violence and Sexual Politics in Contemporary Nature Writing’

 A recording of these talks can be found here 





Event 5: Science / Fiction / Technology 2.00-4.00 BST on Friday 7 May 2021


Justyna Włodarczyk (University of Warsaw) ‘Beyond Bizarre: The Spectacular Failure of B.F. Skinner’s Pigeon-Guided Missiles’ 


Peter Sands (University of Sheffield) ‘Paranoid entanglements: control, communication and violence in the work of John C. Lilly’


Simon Ryle (University of Split) ‘Meat Hand’


A recording of these talks can be found here




Event 6: Susan Richardson: Animals, Poetry, Violence 7.30-8.30pm BST Thursday 24 June 2021


The British Animal Studies Network is very pleased to welcome back its poet-in-residence, Ted Hughes Award Shortlisted, Susan Richardson to complete its series of online events on the theme of ‘Violence’. Susan will read her work and be in conversation with Erica Fudge


A recording of this event can be found here 


Abstracts and Biographies of Speakers can be found here