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Animal Machines / Machine Animals

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Animal Machines / Machine Animals

2 and 3 November 2018
Organised by the ‘Life Geographies’ Group, University of Exeter. Held at the Phoenix Arts Venue, Exeter

Friday 2nd November


1:30-2:00         Registration. Tea and coffee on arrival for all attendees


2:00-2:10         Welcome and Introduction from Henry Buller (University of Exeter)


2:10-3:10         Plenary 1 – Clara Mancini (Open University)

‘Animals as Co-Designers of Machine Interactions’ [to listen to the paper click here]


3:10-4:10         Panel 1           

Felicity McWilliams (Kings College London)

‘Equine Machines: horses and tractors on British farms, 1920-1960’ [to listen to the paper click here]

Taija Kaarlenkaski (University of Eastern Finland)

‘Cows and Humans as Machine Users: Discourses of Milking Robots in Contemporary Finland’ 


4:10-4:30         Tea, Coffee, and Cake!


4:30-6:00         Panel 2

 Steve North (University of Exeter)

‘A Computational Anthrozoology Perspective on Horse-Machine Interaction: Explored Through the Umamimi Robotic Horse Ears’ [to listen to the paper click here]

Andrew Mitchell (Stockholm University)

‘Human-Canid Technologies: GPS and Sensing Beyond Species Boundaries’

 Dolly Jørgensen (University of Stavanger)

‘Resurrecting Species through Robotics: Animal Extinction and Deextinction in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?’ [to listen to the paper click here]


7:30 – late       Conference Meal, Herbies



Saturday 3rd November

9:00-10:00       Plenary 2 – Ed Ramsden  (Queen Mary, University of London)

‘Automatic Animals and their Misbehaviour: Exhibiting Nature and Behaviour at the Zoo’ 


10:00-10:30     Tea and Coffee 


10:30-12:00     Panel 3

Ryan Sweet (University of Plymouth)

‘Victorian Animal-Machines: Prostheticised Animals in Nineteenth-Century Print Culture’ [to listen to the paper click here]

Ivana Bičak (Durham University)

               ‘Experimental Machines and Animals in Early Modern Literature’ [to listen to the paper click here]

Antonella Sciancalepore (Universite Catholoque de Louvain)

‘Human, Animal and Technology: Multiple Hybridizations In Perceforest’ [to listen to the paper click here]


12:00-12:45     Lunch


12:45-1:45       Plenary 3 – Amelia DeFalco (University of Leeds)

‘Machine Animals/Animal Machines: Bodies that Matter in the Age of Robotics and Biotechnology’ [to listen to the paper click here]


1:45-2:00         Tea and Coffee


2:00-4:00         Panel 4

Emilia Czątkowska (University of Kent)

‘“U.R. Bandit.”Post-animal identity of the Animal Biorgs in We3 

Bianca Friedman (University of Pisa)

‘“That Dog Is Real”: Queer Identities in the New Wes Anderson’s Film Isle Of Dogs [to listen to the paper click here]

Edwin Evans-Thirlwell (Royal Holloway)

‘Gaming Creatures - the Posthuman Menageries Of Monster Hunter World’ [to listen to the paper click here]


4.00                 Close


Abstracts of papers and biographies of speakers can be found here.














download the poster for the meeting here