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Glasgow Animal Studies Reading Group

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BASN is pleased to announce the creation of an interdisciplinary animal studies reading group in the city of Glasgow. Staff and postgraduates from all of the city’s universities – Strathclyde, Glasgow, and Glasgow Caledonian - meet monthly to read and discuss key texts in the field. Supervisors and supervisees from these and other universities are warmly welcome to attend, and details of the group can be found here.


Current group members include:


Sarah Cockram (Edinburgh)

Erica Fudge (Strathclyde)

Rebecca Jones (Strathclyde)

Louise Logan (Strathclyde)

Heather Lynch (GCU)

Saskia McCracken (Glasgow)

Lauren McDougall (Strathclyde)

Elsa Richardson (Strathclyde)

Ali Ryland (Strathclyde)

Benjamin Thomas White (Glasgow)