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the last ever meeting


26-27 April 2024



 This meeting will take place in person at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow in the McCance Building on Richmond Street, in MC301


Friday 26 April 

1.30-2.00 Registration 


2.00-3.00 – Plenary 1 

Maan Barua (University of Cambridge): ‘The Politics of Commensality’ 


3.10-4.10 – Panel 1: Bad Neighbours 

Marissa Crannell-Ash (University of Rochester, NY): ‘Bad Pigs, Bad Neighbors: Pigs as Community Members in Late Medieval Burgundy’ 

Hannah Fair (University of Oxford): ‘Squalid Natures: unwanted entanglements in the more-than-human home’ 


4.10-4.50 – coffee / tea 


4.50-5.50 Panel 2: Rethinking Relations  

Andrew Gardiner (Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, Edinburgh): ‘Taenia saginata’s last words’ 

Ruby Sleigh (Architect’s Climate Action Network Ecology Group): ‘Unavoidant Entanglements: negotiated space with “those who bite”’ 



Erica Fudge (University of Strathclyde): 'A Whistle-Stop History of BASN'

Susan Richardson, BASN Writer in Residence: some poems for BASN


7.30 – late – BASN Buffet at Mono, Kings Court, Glasgow


Saturday 27 April 

9.30-11.30 Panel 3: Neighbourly Environments 

Hannah Mortimer (University of Exeter): ‘Exploring the varying degrees of human-animal friendship, closeness and attachment on regenerative farms’ 

Diogo de Carvalho Cabral (Trinity College, Dublin): ‘Gardens of Discord: Cultural Landscapes Beyond the Human’ 

Djoeke van Netten (University of Amsterdam): ‘Arctic Neighbours. An Animal History of the Wintering on Novaya Zemlya 1596-1597' 

Thom Rath (UCL): ‘Good Neighborly Creatures? A Possible History of Animals and Interamerican Relations, 1930s-60s' 


11.30-11.50 – coffee 


11.50-12.50Plenary 2: Isabel Galleymore (Birmingham University): ‘Why Look at (Stuffed) Animals: In Dialogue with Cute Studies’ 


12.50-1.30 - lunch 


1.30-3.00 Panel 4: Cultures of Neighbourliness 

Catherine Sidwell (Kingston School of Art): ‘Avian Neighbours: Birds in the Late-Nineteenth-Century English Domestic Interior’ 

Ezgi Hamzaçebi (Özyeğin University): ‘In Praise of Hesitation as Ethics’ 

Emily Doolittle and Alex South (Royal Conservatoire of Scotland): Gardenscape 


3.00 - Ending: Erica Fudge (University of Strathclyde)